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Our Foundation


Cresem Foundation was born in 2004 as a nonprofit organization, created by CREEX –Regional Confederation of Business from Extremadura, and it is composed by its three organisation members, COEBA from the Badajoz province, FEC and FEP both from the Caceres province. Our main objective is the cooperation towards Extremadura businesses development, promoting every kind of activities for this purpose. Thus, Cresem Foundation will promote the entrepreneurship, employment, training activities, investigation, and all cultural activities that may be convenient to further develop these goals.


Cresem Foundation interprets the general business needs on Spanish Extremadura, and tries to minimize these problems searching the way to present efficient solutions to these issues. With a privileged relationship with its founder CREEX, we have its social interpretation as one of the Extremadura social partners, reporting its sensibility of economic and social problems to our organisation.


Cresem Foundation is located in Badajoz, Spanish Extremadura, near the border with Alentejo, Portugal, both European regions that deserve a special attention in the European Union for their social problems and their low economic performances. In this working environment where Cresem Foundation works, we feel a growing demand of entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial culture, as well as the training to make our region more competitive, prepared, instructed and innovative to face the most challenging international markets, in our globalized world.